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The Story

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For those of you without a code, all we can say is...

This is not your grandma’s "travel show".
It is "The Crocodile Hunter" meets "I Love Lucy". Or maybe "Raiders of The Lost Arc" mixed with "Green Acres".
Actually – This partially scripted romantic comedy, and real travel adventure show, is iconic.
One of a kind. It can only be described as: "YonderQuest".
Other travel shows are 95% information (yawn), and 5% action – This one is 20% information, 80% adventure, and 100% fun.

Come with The Adventurer and The Diva as they get into crazy situations,
and meet fantastic people, all over the wonderful world.
"YonderQuest - Let’s grow up later".


YonderQuest is currently exploring production, network and investment alliances.

The target audience is baby-boomers (the largest purchasing segment of the population),
and travelers and/or adventerous hearts of ALL ages.

Excellent sponsorship and product-placement opportunities.

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"Traveling is the first link in diplomacy. It really contributes to a better understanding among   cultures, civilizations, and religions. These are all important ingredients for peace."

- Jean Victor Nkolo
Spokesperson for the President of the United Nations

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